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Cap. Dan Sukman

Members of Capt. Dan Sukman’s brigade ride on transport plane back home from Iraq.

Members of Capt. Dan Sukman’s brigade ride on transport plane back home from Iraq.

Clarksville, Tenn. —  Editor’s note: U.S. Army Capt. Dan Sukman just finished serving a one-year deployment to Iraq. For previous entries and his bio, see the Soldier’s Diary archives.

Yesterday afternoon we finished our reintegration with an awards ceremony for the company. We tried to make it fast, as that was the only event that stood in the way of block leave. Leave started this morning, and for most of my soldiers, it is the first day off in many months. For those who took mid-tour leave from Iraq in December, it’s the first day off this year. Just another in the long list of sacrifices that has been made. I am truly in awe every time I look at the soldiers in my company, in my battalion and in my brigade.

For the most part, the reintegration period has been fairly painless. We come in to work each day; however, the day has typically lasted anywhere from two to three hours. Most of that time has been sitting through briefings covering topics such as how to recognize depression, symptoms of suicide and how to reassimilate with the family.

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Today we conducted our medical part of the redeployment. This included a TB test, surveys asking if we are having nightmares or feel depressed, and a blood drawing to test for HIV. For well over 90 percent of us, most of this process has been a check-the-block-and-get-the-signature event. The briefings are very general in nature; I think we all recognize that everyone will cope with the return in their own way.

The return has been different for every soldier. Some returned to their wives and kids who lived in the Fort Campbell area, others returned to a barracks room or to an empty apartment or house, having to wait until leave to see their family. Others return to an empty house, their spouse unable to make the sacrifice over the course of the year. It’s tragic, but more common than you think.

My house was ready for my return. Having some good friends who were able to turn on the water and electricity for my arrival made the transition to home much easier. Following the couple of hours at work each day, I have been putting furniture back in its place, putting pictures and paintings back up on the wall and restocking the bar and fridge.

Similar to a number of other soldiers, I have been relying on a friend to drive me to and from work. Prior to deployment, a number of us had family come down and drive the car back to look after it, as well as keep the oil fresh. My brother has been looking after mine up in New York. I intend to pick it up when I depart for leave in a couple of days.

Leave will start following the reintegration. We get 30 days off if we choose to take it, and of course, if we have the leave days saved up. I will be flying to see the family in New York, just in time to go with my brother to see the Mets at Shea Stadium. That will be followed by a week in Europe, then back to New York to pick up the car and some other personal items for the long drive back to Clarksville, Ky.

I want to thank a number of people for having made this column possible.

First to my editors: If you believe a newsperson, be it in print or in broadcast, should be inquisitive and always ready with a question, Jane, Liza and Steve epitomized the inquisitive concept. I am a soldier, not a writer, but with their constant thoughts and questions I was always ready with some material. I am truly indebted to the three of you.

To the soldiers of the 502nd Infantry Regiment who came to South Baghdad and spent probably the toughest year of their lives giving everything they had to the mission, and in some cases, giving all: It is very difficult to understand what we experienced, and the story has only begun to be told. In one of the last chapters of the book “Fiasco,” about three pages are dedicated to our brigade; the book was published before we finished the job.

The soldiers and their families sacrificed so much over the past year. They were asked to live in some awful conditions, have less personal space than a convicted felon, drive on arguably some of the most dangerous roads on the planet, all while not being able to get home to their loved ones each night. For many, they were lucky if they could send an e-mail once a week or get on a phone at 2 a.m. Their body said “sleep,” their heart said “call home.”

I used the word “awe” in my first paragraph, and I’ll use it again and again … we know this was not our last deployment. Our mission is to fight and win America’s wars. We will return from leave and start our training for the next time around, be it Iraq, Afghanistan or some other place most people could never find on a map. Either way, we’ll be ready.

A final thought before I head out on leave.

Writing this column has taught me a great deal. A working relationship with the press is critical for not just the military but for the nation. I am truly convinced that the press is the Fourth Estate.

The grand architects of this nation were onto something when they wrote and approved the First Amendment. If sunlight is truly the best disinfectant, getting the truth out can never be a bad course of action. The press may not always be favorable, and at many times seems to only focus on the negative, but keeping us honest and our moral compass on course is truly a noble cause.

Having written this column, I am convinced that a free press is truly the answer to the age-old question: Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (“Who will guard the guards?”)

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Daily restaurant specials Fallston Seafood Restaurant – royal seafood

Daily restaurant specials at Fallston Seafood Restaurant

Our chef is a true culinary artiste, offering new and exciting food creations every week. Our special menu items change daily, so be sure to stop in frequently to see what’s on the menu tonight!

In addition to our chef’s special menu items, Fallston Seafood Restaurant also offers special pricing on one of our popular lunch and dinner favorites each weekday. Please give us a call to find out today’s specials!

*Lunch specials available from 11 AM until 4 PM only.

Our delectable dinner specials are available from 4 PM to CLOSING:

MONDAY All You Can Eat Shrimp with salad $14.95
TUESDAY Lobster with salad just $14.95!!
WEDNESDAY Choice-Cut Prime Rib or Rib Eye with house salad and baked potato $14.95
THURSDAY Half-Price Bottle of Wine from our new wine list!

Early Bird Special:  Monday – Thursday, 2 PM – 6 PM
BUY 1 DINNER at regular price, get a SECOND ONE at HALF PRICE!

Max. up to $9 off second entree

Cannot be combined with other offers or dinner specials

Please mention this ad when placing order

Not valid on holidays

Excludes carryout

Everyday Special:  HALF-PRICE APPETIZERS (after 8 PM only)

*Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. We try to keep our prices low, and offer you the best value possible. However, we may have to change our prices to reflect current market fluctuations.


Seafood Carry-Out | Crabcakes | Pizza | Subs | Calzones

We recently replaced our carry-out area with a beautiful, brand new bar area, as an extension of our dining room. For those who are just ordering or picking up carry-out food, we have a small carry-out counter just as you walk in the front door. As always, our knowledgeable staff is available to help you, answer your questions and guarantee your order will be ready when promised to the best of our ability – whether you will be joining us for your meal in the bar, or taking your meal home. Our entire menu remains available no matter which option you choose. (Note: Dining room specials and all-you-can-eat menu items are not available for carry-out.)

Our new bar area features a cozy atmosphere with rich woods and comfortable bar stools. If you choose not to eat in the bar, we invite you to have a glass of wine while you wait for your dining room table.

For carry-out, Fallston Seafood also features bushels of crabs to go, or fresh fish, shrimp, jumbo lump crab, or salads by the pound. Generally, your order will be ready in approximately 15-30 minutes after you call us. We prepare all food to order, so please forgive us if it is a bit longer than that during one of our busy times. Let us help you plan your party for two to one hundred! Whatever your carry-out needs are, we are here!

If you’d like to place an order for carry-out, feel free to peruse our various carry-out menus on the following pages.  Better yet, print them out, circle what you want, and place your call to (410) 877-9900 or (410) 893-9900.  (Please note that some prices are subject to change without notice.)


Salads: (Please scroll down for our kids menu!)

House Salad – Fresh lettuce topped with carrots, red cabbage, radish, cucumbers, red onion and tomato, $4.95

Trio Salad – A large house salad topped with piles of shrimp, chicken and tuna salad, $9.95

Chef Salad – Fresh lettuce topped with ham, turkey, American cheese, provolone cheese, cucumbers, tomato, sprouts and hard-boiled egg, $8.95

Caesar Salad – Romaine tossed with our homemade Caesar dressing, croutons and parmesan cheese, $6.95 …with Grilled Shrimp, $9.95 …with Grilled Chicken, $8.95  …with Tuna Steak, $14.95

Salad Salad – Fresh lettuce, tomato and hard-boiled egg with: Shrimp or Crab Salad, $8.95 Chicken or Tuna Salad, $7.95

Greek Salad – Feta cheese and black olives with choice of dressing, $7.95

Tuscan Caesar Salad – Fresh mozzarella and roasted red peppers, $8.95

Salmon Caesar Salad, $11.95

Dressings: Honey Mustard, Thousand Island, Ranch, Bleu Cheese, French, Italian, Pepper Parmesan, Oil & Vinegar

Kids Menu (All items come with Fries, Pickle and Small Drink)

Grilled Hamburger, $5.00           Grilled Cheese, $4.95
Cheeseburger, $5.50                  Fried Shrimp, $7.95
Hot Dog, $4.95                            Fried Clam Strips, $4.95
Chicken Fingers, $5.50
Pasta (penne, capellini, or linguini with butter or marinara), $4.95
…Add one (1) meatball for $1.00

*Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. We try to keep our prices low, and offer you the best value possible. However, we may have to change our prices to reflect current market fluctuations.Pizza:

We use 100% natural cheese and all the best ingredients we can buy. Fresh dough made daily.

All Pizzas are 12” or 16” (prices listed in that order)

Cheese $7.95, $9.95

Seafood Deluxe (crab, shrimp, clams, scallops) $14.95, $16.95

Works (pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, sweet peppers) $10.95, $14.95

Cheeseburger (ground beef, cheddar & mozzarella) $9.95, $12.95

Vegetarian Supreme (mushrooms, sweet peppers, onions, black olives, tomato pieces, broccoli) $10.95, $14.95

White Pizza (ricotta, broccoli, tomatoes) $10.95, $13.95

Toppings (each) $1.50 for 12″, $2.00 for 16″

Pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, ham, mushrooms, sweet peppers, onions, pineapple, black olives, bacon, tomato pieces, broccoli, fresh garlic

Seafood & Specialty Toppings (each) $2.50 for 12″, $3.50 for 16″

Crabmeat, shrimp, clams, scallops, roasted red peppers, feta cheese, fresh mozzarella

Specialty Pizza:

Our Specialty Pizzas also available in 12” or 16”

Tuscan Chicken Pizza (Roasted red pepper, grilled chicken) $13.50, $17.00

Buffalo Chicken Pizza $14.00, $18.00

Hawaiian Pizza $12.00, $14.00


BBQ Chicken Pizza $14.00, $18.00

B.L.T. Pizza $13.50, $17.00

Meatlovers Pizza $16.00, $18.00

Margherita $13.50, $17.00


Ricotta Mozzarella, $5.75

Ham and Ricotta, $6.50

Ricotta and Pepperoni, $6.50

Ricotta and Mushroom, $6.50

Extra Toppings – ham, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, sweet peppers, $.75 each

*Note: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. We try to keep our prices low, and offer you the best value possible. However, we may have to change our prices to reflect current market fluctuations.

Tasty steamed shrimp!

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Seafood Restaurant Dining Crab – country pride restaurant

Seafood Restaurant Dining Maryland Crab Cakes

Our restaurant features a cozy Cape Cod atmosphere. Seafarer items and antiques add to the comfortable, casual atmosphere suited for families or the couple looking for a romantic night out. When your favorite sports team is on, we also have a large screen TV that we can turn on during the “big game”. We have booths for smaller parties or tables that can be arranged to accommodate our larger groups.

While we specialize in steamed blue crab, our menu is extensive. Our menu features eight pages of tantalizing items which are made with only the best ingredients we can buy, and are made to order, guaranteeing your food to be hot and fresh. Our appetizers feature raw oysters, steamed shrimp, New Zealand green lipped mussels, which are large and sweet, served in a garlic butter or marinara sauce. You may also start with our homemade crab dip in a bread bowl, or try one of our large jumbo lump crab cakes that melt in your mouth Fluffs are a unique item that we serve which is either a hard crab, a soft crab, or shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, then dipped in batter and fried to a golden brown.

Our seafood ranges from a variety of fresh fish, lobsters, clams and oysters to of course our crabs. Our crabs vary in size from small to medium, large, extra large and jumbo. We go to great strides to find the best crabs available and have them brought in on a daily basis. We also feature all-you-can-eat crabs every day of the week and from 11am to 3pm on Friday and Saturday. Please call for prices and sizes available, as it changes on daily basis per market demands and availability. Remember, if we can get ‘em, you’ll be crackin’ ‘em!

If seafood is not what you want, we also can satisfy you with any one of our chicken, steak, Italian, or veal dishes. We also have experienced pizza makers that hand-toss each pizza to order. Our homemade bread comes with any of our entrées.

In addition to our menu, we also feature daily specials…please call for today’s specials, as our chef with over 20 years of culinary experience is constantly developing new and exciting dishes!

To accompany your meal, in addition to non-alcoholic beverages such as sodas, coffee and tea, we feature a full selection of premium liquors, over 20 varieties of domestic and imported beers, along with red, white and blush bottles of wine.

Our desserts include sumptuous items such as our homemade cheesecake, dark side of the moon cake, or homemade cannoli. Save room, because your server will tempt you with our dessert tray at the end of your meal.

For a complete list of all of our items, please look at our menu on this web-site. We look forward to taking care of you while you dine on any one of our wonderful menu items. When you visit, please let us know if this is your first time dining with us!


Our dining room menu is available all day for lunch or dinner. We feature specials on a daily basis, in addition to our regular menu. Please check our Restaurant Specials page to see these delicious, money-saving specials.

We have chosen not to list our appetizers and soups here, as those items may be found on the Starters page of our carry-out menu. You will also find our complete Kids’ Menu (at the bottom of the Salads page) in our carry-out menu, where you will also find our sandwiches and subs. The items listed below represent the entrees and wines you will find on our exclusive dining room menu.

Chicken Oscar – Grilled chicken breast topped with asparagus, jumbo lump Crab Meat and white wine with butter herb sauce

Chicken Alexander – Chicken breast and jumbo lump crabmeat sautéed in a brandy cream sauce served over capelinni

Chicken Kelly – Broiled chicken breast topped with broccoli, jumbo lump crabmeat and cheddar cheese sauce

Fallston Chicken – Topped with bacon, tomato pieces, BBQ, provolone and spring onion
Steak Specialties

All Steaks are grilled and seasoned to perfection! Choose from Delmonico , Rib-eye, NY Strip, or a 16 oz Porterhouse Steak; melt-in-your-mouth Filet Mignon, or Slow roasted Prime Rib – hand cut to order. We also serve a wonderful Beef Tenderloin Scallopini – Seared tenderloin tips with caramelized onions and peppers in burgundy sauce served over rice.

Veal Specialties

Veal Marsala – with fresh mushrooms in marsala wine sauce

Veal Oscar – Grilled tender veal topped with asparagus, jumbo lump Crab Meat and white wine with butter herb sauce

Veal Alexander – Veal and jumbo lump crabmeat sautéed in a brandy cream sauce served over capellini

Veal Français – Sautéed in butter, lemon sauce served over pasta

Combination Platters

Steak and Shrimp Kabob – Tender pieces of steak, large shrimp, with fresh peppers, mushrooms and tomato served over rice

Surf and Turf – Filet Mignon grilled to perfection with ½ pound Lobster tail

Land and Sea – Two stuffed shrimp and NY strip

Fried Trio – four Jumbo shrimp, four scallops and jumbo lump crab cake

Steak and Cake – NY York Strip and jumbo lump crab cake

Jewels of the Sea – 8 oz Lobster tail, Jumbo lump crab cake, two jumbo shrimp, two jumbo scallops broiled to perfection

Shrimp and Cake – Four jumbo shrimp and jumbo lump crab cake

Seafood Platter – Crab Cake, Shrimp, scallops, flounder and clams casino broiled or fried

Italian Specialties

Pasta – Choose from capellini, penne or linguini, with…

Vodka sauce, Alfredo sauce, Meatballs and Marinara sauce, Garlic and extra virgin olive oil, or Primavera (fresh mushrooms, broccoli and tomatoes in Alfredo sauce)

…also available with Grilled shrimp, Scallops or fresh Grilled Chicken

Parmigiana – Chicken, Shrimp, or Chicken and Shrimp, served with pasta, salad and homemade bread

Try our Baked Ziti or Homemade Meat Lasagna!

Seafood Specialties (all may be stuffed with our jumbo lump crab Imperial for a nominal charge)

Tilapia – Broiled in butter

Tuna – Grilled to perfection

Salmon – Grilled or Broiled with lemon butter sauce

Mahi Mahi – Blackened or broiled

BBQ Salmon – Southwestern Style

Flounder – Broiled in lemon and butter

Fish and Chips – A traditional English favorite

Orange Roughy – Broiled with lemon and butter
Rockfish – Broiled in butter
Scallops – Broiled or fried

Lobster – Choose from 1.25-1.5 lb. whole Maine Lobster, 1/2 lb warm water Lobster Tail, or Twin Tails
Soft Crabs – Two crabs pan-fried
Crab Imperial – Jumbo lump crabmeat mixed with Imperial sauce and baked
Crab Cakes – Two of our own recipe made with jumbo lump crabmeat, broiled or fried

Stuffed Shrimp – Four large shrimp stuffed with crab imperial

Fried Shrimp – Nine large shrimp breaded and deep-fried

Shrimp Fluff – Two Large Shrimp stuffed with crab imperial, dipped in our thick batter and fried to a golden brown, served with French Fries

Stuffed oysters

Fried Oysters – Four large oysters, shucked breaded and deep fried

Clam Strips

New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels – Served in garlic white wine sauce or marinara over pasta

Steamed Crabs available by the half dozen or dozen, but only whenever we can be sure to get good ones!


Seafood Tortellini – Tri-color pasta with scallops, crabmeat and shrimp in creamy parmesan sauce

Lobster Ravioli in fresh Rose sauce

NEW!! Fallston Seafood Restaurant now offers full liquor service, with premium liquors, in addition to our Beer and Wine selections below.

Thursday Special: 1/2-Price bottle of wine from our all-new wine list! Can’t finish your whole bottle? We can re-cork it for you to take home!

Beer and Wine:

Beers by the bottle: Yuengling, Miller Lite, Michelob Lite, Michelob Ultra, Samuel Adams, Budweiser, Bud Lite, Coors Lite, Rolling Rock, O’Douls, Corona, Heineken, Amstel Light, Beck’s, Harp’s, Bass, Grolsch, Guinness, Stella Artois, Smirnoff Ice, Sierra Nevada, Bacardi Raz

Draft Beers: Coors Lite, Yuengling, Budweiser, Killian’s Red

Wines by the glass: Merlot, White Zinfandel, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Sauvignon

Wines by the bottle: All new wine list – be sure to ask for it when you visit.

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