Alexandria lost
Three stories

Alan Smart 2008

14x22 cm.,
72 pp. Hardback .
ISBN 977-5845-21-1

A bruised survivor of the Second World War has lost the will to live until confronted by the bomb-shattered hand of a young Bedouin girl. An embittered exile lying in an English hospital bed contemplates the city he longs to reject. A chance remark sends an old and semi-reclusive woman out into the streets of her hometown on an uncertain quest.

“Alexandria Lost” is Harpocrates first venture into fiction publishing and we are pleased and proud to do so with such a tightly crafted and beautiful work. The three stories here, as the reader will discover, demonstrate Alan Smart’s feel for and understanding of Alex, and despite the title, the sense of something lost is not the beginnings of any rose-tinted nostalgia trip. The city is here as both a backdrop and an actor, good and bad and certainly not the Unreal City of other writers. We are faced, rather with the loss of all things human that must inevitably pass, while the city, Alexandria, remains.


The author

Alan Smart was born and educated in England, but has spent most of the last twenty-two years working and travelling in the Middle East. He has lived in Cairo, Jerusalem and the West Bank, Doha, Riyadh and, of course, Alexandria. He currently lives and works in Rangoon, Burma.

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