The Colours of Alexandria

Photographs by André Pelle with a preface and lyrics by Georges Moustaki

The Colours of Alexandria, André Pelle, 2005
21x30cm, 136 pp. 128 col photos, Hardback
ISBN 977-5845-12-4, Dar el Kuttub no. 7500-2005


The author

André Pelle
André Pelle, a specialist in archaeological photography with the CNRS, has turned his lenses away from the ancient to capture the bright and sometimes unexpected colours of present-day Alexandria.

The Colours of Alexandria presents a rich tapestry of photographs. André Pelle’s vision transforms the commonplace-shop windows, fishing boats, a tray of eggs-into a festive riot of colour and introduces the spectator to a different way of regarding the town.

“André Pelle has managed to reveal, celebrate and give life to all the shades of the rainbow held within the azure jewellery box that is Alexandria. He presents to us the vivid reds, the tender mauves, the golden yellows and all the marriages of colour that spread through the multi-coloured materials, the car bonnets, fruit, children’s drawings, utensils of everyday life, the naïve art of advertisements… All these colours either from nature or manmade have their brilliance exalted by the Egyptian sun.”.

Georges Moustaki

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