Alexandria Scrapbook, Marine Estrangin

Alexandria Scrapbook, Marine Estrangin,
Harpocrates Publishing 2005.
20x28cm, 114 p., pen & ink, water colours. Hard bound
ISBN 977-5845-18-1. Dar el Kuttub n° 18618-2005

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The author

After having studied applied arts at the Ecole Olivier de Serres and art history at the Sorbonne, Marine Estrangin worked in 2002 on the archaeological site of Karnak Temple in Upper Egypt as an illustrator before joining the team of the Centre d’Etudes Alexandrines, the French archaeological mission in Alexandria.
Her first exhibition of sketches and impressions, entitled “Histoires de vie, Histoires de ville” was held in the French Cultural Centre, Alexandria in 2004.
In 2006, on the occasion of the launch of “Alexandria Scrapbook” Marine exhibited her architectural drawings in the French Cultural Centre, Alexandria, and the gallery Oum el-Dounia in Cairo.

Alexandria is a bustling colourful theatre that sucks in the spectator. This book, my ‘Alexandria Scrapbook’, brings together drawings from the first month I spent in the city, rushing from one end to the other in search of a flat.
I was invaded by the town, seduced by its atmosphere and energised by its non-stop action and by its inhabitants. With my crayons to hand, I sketched on the spot the many little snippets of life that I stumbled upon by chance.”

So, follow Marine Estrangin and dive into the heart of a town rich in movement, colours and lots more besides. Her “Alexandria Scrapbook” meanders through the streets gathering faces and facades, landscapes and cityscapes, the treasures and the junk that fill this toy box of a town.

Copyright © Harpocrates , 2006