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Marka Twain says, ‘The lack of money is the root of all evil’.

George Burns says, ‘Don’t stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed’.

BlogTariff says, Money makes every thing in this world – But, Money can’t buy every thing in this world.

This world is running on money a child, man, women, husband, housewife, student, needs money. But getting of money is not simple; making of money is not easy, there are lots of ways to earn money online by sitting at home. A student needs money for paying his college fees, daily expenses, purchasing books etc.

A House wife needs money for buying home needs, children expenses, personal needs etc.

A Husband needs money for maintaining house, his personal expenses, wife needs, children health, studies etc.

In this way every one needs money and tends them to search ways to earn money at leisure hours. Spending few hours at home housewife’s, students, employees, senior citizens, can money alternatively to benefit financially free.

Advance technology provides lots of ways to earn money online by having an internet connection at home or Tablet or Smartphone.

Participating Online Survey

Enthusiastic people can earn money online by participating on ‘Paid Online Surveys’. It’s a simple way to earn few bugs by giving feedback or personal experience through answers with Online Surveys. Women’s or Housewives are best option for doing this Online Job. Sparing few hours online by sharing views on politics, social matters, business, purchase products service, interesting products etc.

How Women’s Can easily earn Online without any Investment?

Blogging to make money online

Another way is ‘Blogging’ if you’ve lots subject of content on your mind with good language command then you can make money online by creating a blog or website. Posting of contents on various subjects like politics, social, skills, tips, tricks, personal experience to teach something to others and sharing with others via social media network sites like Twitter, Facebook etc to get more publicity for your blog or website.

After creating a site or blog apply for Google Adsense, Chitika, Clicksor, as Publisher to display content based Ads know as ‘Pay per Click’. As Author I suggest Google is best for paying and creating few bugs to bag.

Selling Ad Space on Blog or Website

Another way if you’ve got lots of subscribers via social media sites like Facebook (page likes), Twitter (Followers), RSS subscribers then you can apply for BuySellAds, Adsella, Advertisespace, Adengage, etc., to get advertisers by fixing your rate to Sell Ad Space on your blog or website on weekly or monthly or Yearly.

Promoting of products by sharing affiliate links makes you handsome bugs to bag.

Author suggestion:

Webmaster should have patience for making money online by following tips and tricks, online content policies, searching opportunities available online sharing real content, straight forward makes a successful money maker.

Good Luck.

Your Blog can Earn Money by selling Ad space Online – boston financial data services


Success comes when there are lots of efforts inserted online by following specific online conditioned tips.

Most of the Webmaster after creating a blog skip or forget about conditional tips i.e terms and policies in this course they drop their traffic. Here if webmasters having a blog or website and getting huge traffic online by following terms and conditions of content policy can earn money online more by means of selling adspace on blog/website along with Google Adsense Ads.

How to analyze your Traffic or Requirements?

Collect the information about your blog or website traffic and requirements to produce this before advertisers to get value based Ads decided by you i.e Daily Unique visitors, Daily Page views, Alexa Ranking, Facebook Page Likes, Twitter followers, Demographics (Location) based traffic etc.

Fix price for your Selling Adspace

1) After successful collecting information about your blog or website traffic decide which type of ads matches or attract your viewers to direct them Advertiser site via Adspace in the form of Text links or banner ads (125×125 or 468X60 or 728X90, or 350X250 or 468X15 or 728×15 etc.) depends upon your requirement or space you want to sell.

2) Fix your price which is reasonable to every advertiser to place their ads on your blog or website compare with other sites i.e minimum $5 based on type of ads sizes. Type of Ads available are Pay per Click when some one click on Ads and CPM or CPI (Cost per impressions) if you’ve displayed ads and counted 1000 impressions. Fix price for your ad-space per 1000 impressions by weekly or monthly.

Search for Advertisers or Wait for Advertisers

After signing up to, or,, etc., just learn how to get easy approval to get more ads or search for other Alternatives for selling Adspce on your blog Generating Ad code after successful completion of signup process by filling traffic data, pricing value, payment option, ad size, type of ad. Grab the code and place on your blog or website to display ‘Advertise Here’ or ‘Your Ad Here’ or ‘Ads Here’. When advertisers watch your profile of your blog or website on registered site intimated by auto generated mail or blog registered site.

What to do when you wont’ get any Advertisement?

Be patience and improve your blog traffic, Alexa ranking, informative content, updating blog or website daily, grabbing more subscribers by means of social site like Facebook (Page Likes), Twitter (Followers), RSS (Subscribers) etc.

Earn real money for shopping online with ibotta app – boston financial data services

Generally making money online is funny thing but sources available online if we search by verifying specific methods proves definitely yes we can also earn online and bag few bucks by creating a blog or website online. Just you think guys without maintaining any site or blog if you can earn money online for your shopping sounds like it would be a big scam right? Here in this article you can learn how to get cash when you buy specific products via new gaming app known as ‘ibotta app’ which match for shopping space. It’s a free iOS and Android version generates real money on purchasing of certain products.

To earn money before shopping you’ve to participate in eligibility test by playing trivia, post on Facebook or Watch a video ad or learn a fact or take a poll for engaging with each item $0.25 or $0.50 choosing offers for certain products in the app and completing tasks.

Go shopping to participate in any retailer offers, take a snap of the receipt and scan the barcodes of the selected items. After verification buyers will get real money into their Paypal Account.

Ibotta is specially designed for certain mobile offers to work at over 40 retailers like Target, Walmart, Kroger, Walgreens and 7-Eleven. Retailer’s offers incentives to buy specific items in a limited period of time or month or certain amount spends.

Nearly 1 million dollars earned by the users in six months who have downloaded this app. Active users who are using this app and participating in shopping earning an average of $5 per month.

If the users who have Smartphone mobile supporting Android can download the above app to earn real money online.